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Online philanthropy, this forum, your personal experience...
35by timedesktimedesk
17 Jul 2007 18:22Jump!
Are you a member of a community seeking online help? Are you close to one such community? Tell us what you are looking for when calling on online volunteers!
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
11 Jul 2007 08:07Jump!
Scope of Action
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The world is big, problems are numerous but what can be done realistically and in what areas can it be done through the Internet?
47by timedesktimedesk
28 Jul 2007 07:21Jump!
From providing books and teaching material to finding training volunteers or developing programmes, what is possible?
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
09 Jul 2007 07:37Jump!
Stand alone or module?
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
21 Jun 2007 04:32Jump!
Vision & Mission Statement
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11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
19 Jun 2007 10:06Jump!
How could any group or individual strive toward greatness and mastery without a vision?
13by Roger_jgRoger_jg
02 Jul 2007 09:24Jump!
A clear and compelling goal that serves to unify an organization's effort. An effective mission must stretch and challenge the organization, yet be achievable (Collins and Porras).
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
14 Jul 2007 08:46Jump!
Mechanism of Action
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When we know what we want to do, then we can think how to do it.
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
19 Jun 2007 13:27Jump!
When size matters: Building a school or finding books? Shipping computers or building the internet cafe?
13by Teresa FlanaganTeresa Flanagan
20 Jul 2007 13:26Jump!
Should the organisation act as the problem solver or be a mediator between those in needs and those who have the solution.
113by Roger_jgRoger_jg
02 Jul 2007 09:47Jump!
38by Roger_jgRoger_jg
09 Aug 2007 12:16Jump!
14by timedesktimedesk
25 Jun 2007 20:29Jump!
How can those in need find the organisation? How can we reach out to those in needs?
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
09 Jul 2007 07:54Jump!
How not to re-invent the wheel? Recording past success, providing primer information and/or redirecting to others?
24by Roger_jgRoger_jg
03 Aug 2007 05:21Jump!
Agora, beehive, define the best meeting point.
36by Roger_jgRoger_jg
06 Jul 2007 13:35Jump!
Thinking fundraising when starting some projects.
12by Teresa FlanaganTeresa Flanagan
05 Jul 2007 16:24Jump!
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211by Roger_jgRoger_jg
02 Jul 2007 09:18Jump!
What level of management is needed? In what direction?
35by Roger_jgRoger_jg
31 Jul 2007 05:35Jump!
Who can join? How are the communities/problems selected and evaluated?
11by Roger_jgRoger_jg
04 Jul 2007 05:15Jump!

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