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Our ultimate goal is to develop a scheme that will successfully deliver assistance where it is needed in a timely fashion.

This site contains a wiki and a forum.

  • First join
  • Then read the three introductory Wiki pages
  • finally browse the forum

Some primer activities have been posted to initiate the discussion. Post wherever and whenever you feel you can bring something to the discussion. Do not be afraid to speak!

Every week, progress will be summarised. Volunteer "secretaries" are welcome to raise their hand!


The purpose of the wiki is to translate in plain text the discussions and conclusions of the debate held in the different forum. Anybody can edit the Wiki, but it is expect that the editing is done in line with what was discussed in the forum. New pages can and will be created as needed.

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The forum is organised in different categories where specific topics are discussed. If your are visiting the forum or a topic for the first time, please read the general thread, it will help you getting a grasp of the issue discussed. Stay focus, courteous and respectful of others in your contribution. If a new category is needed, simply post in the general discussion of the relevant category.

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What makes a meaningful contribution?

All contributions are welcome, but an informative contribution or a contribution that moves the discussion forward is even more than welcome!

Focus, Focus, Focus

It is common for a discussion thread to diverge from its initial subject onto something else. But often the title of the thread stay the same. When the content of the thread start to diverge, simply start a new thread with a more appropriate title.

He said, she said, don't quote me too much

There is nothing worse to follow or even to be interested in than a discussion that intercut two posts then three, four and more by two or more authors. It if is acceptable to reply to one or two points in a post by quoting it, when the post start to reach some length or several arguments are presented, it is better to summaries what was said and to present the new content in a clear way.

Length matters

At this point in the page you have already read more than 400 words. If I want to be sure to keep your attention up to the end of the page, I should better move on, confident that you got the underlying message of this paragraph.


When linking to a website do not forget to also provide the gist of what you are referring to. For example "I saw this web and it is great" is interesting but it would be even more interesting to say WHY it is interesting.


The blog is akin to a newsletter. General info will be published there.


Rating contribution is helpful to identify important progress in a discussion or to reveal problems.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.